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Duck Hunting in South Texas?

b2ap3_thumbnail_ducks-in-marsh-valley.jpgMost people think to duck hunt you have to either go to the Texas Coast or the Eagle Lake area or Louisiana.  South Texas is famous for trophy deer, quail in wet years, and dove hunting. What about great duck hunting?  I bet you can count the number of people you know who duck hunt in South Texas on one hand and you may not even use a finger.  What most people don't realize is there are fantastic hunting opportunities for ducks all over the South Texas Trophy Deer country.

My good friend and neighbor Jim Lowe and I have been hunting ducks with great success for years.  It has been a learning process with some trial and error involved but we have a pretty good system now.  In the beginning we would sneak over the top of the tank dam (or at least I would) and we would position people strategically around a lake or tank (or pond if you’re not from here).  I would scare the birds up and we would begin shooting and then go to another tank.  Very seldom would we get our limit but we always would get a few birds.  While looking for some downed birds we noticed that some were trying to come back and land and that is when we changed strategies.

We set up blinds around the tanks and positioned them to take advantage of the wind.  We arrive to the hunting location just before shooting light and run the ducks that are on the water off.  We then put out decoys and get set up and wait for the birds to come back or new ones to come in and land.  Sometimes the birds will come back in large groups and we simply scare them off again and wait for them to come back in groups of six or less.  If you shoot into a large group you educate the whole group, but if you only shoot at small groups you really increase your total number of flights.  As the sun comes up birds get up off of one tank and move around to feed and you simply wait for them to come to you.  We hunt for a few hours sometimes to get our limit and it is a blast.

This is wing shooting at its best and you don't have to have a boat or a guide or get wet to enjoy it. You do need to be completely camo covered including a facemask and gloves and be really still because the ducks have fantastic eyesight.  If you have a good dog to retrieve and a decoy stick to retrieve the decoys you never get wet.  Of course the hunting is best when it is cold and with a north wind but it is hunting after all.  If you would like to learn more about it and get some tips on how to enjoy it on your place, feel free to call me and I will be more than happy to consult with you.

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