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iPhones & Rattlesnakes

western diamondback rattlesnake animals

The rains we were blessed with earlier this year in South Texas made a tremendous difference to our landscape, rivers, lakes and wildlife. Time after time on the news you heard about encounters with snakes because of it being so wet. The moisture has pushed a lot of snakes out of their holes and into areas where they are normally not as prevalent. Remember to be careful and watch where you step. Oh, and never mix the great outdoors and iPhone music. I know firsthand.

About a year ago I was on a tractor out shredding and putting corn in a few feeders for the deer. The whole time I was on the tractor I was listening to music on my iPhone. I worked for a few hours and got a lot accomplished before heading back to the house. My equipment shed is about a quarter of a mile down a hill from my house. I parked the tractor and grabbed a few empty bags of corn out the bucket of the frontend loader. They were empty but still a little heavy as they were bags stuffed inside of bags. I grabbed the bags and took off walking to the house but I never took out my earphones or shut off the music. It was almost dark as I walked and I was just jamming out. I got to the top of the hill by my house and stopped for a second to readjust the bags I was carrying. As I began to walk again I felt something hit the bags in my left hand and they moved up in front of me. I paused for a second and then looked down and realized it was a rattlesnake that struck the bags. He was coiled and ready to strike at me again. Although the snake was coiled and rattling when I stopped and paused to readjust the bags I was carrying, I could not hear the snake because of the music. I jumped and moved back like my hair was on fire and could not get the music shut off fast enough. I almost stepped on the snake as I walked by and even though I had snake boots on he was close enough to me that he could have easily struck me above the boot. I was very fortunate that the bags got in the way and once again the good Lord was looking out for me. The moral of this story is when you are out in the brush, you need to have all of your senses about you and iPhones and snakes don't mix.

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